Books and Links

Resources for learning about Objectivism. The four major sections are Books, Websites, Podcasts/Radio Shows, and Online Papers.

Category Notes:

(primary) – a work written or approved by Ayn Rand during her lifetime

(secondary) – a work written by an Objectivist intellectual, but not clearly approved by Ayn Rand (typically written after her death)

(secondary-new theory) – a work written by an Objectivist intellectual after Rand’s death, that adds significant new philosophical principles that are not part of Rand’s Objectivism proper

(scholarly debate) – a secondary work of academic Objectivist scholarship that includes critiques by non-Objectivist scholars


Metaphysics and Overview of Philosophy:


Ethics and Human Nature, Overview:

Meta-ethics and the Nature of Life, Detailed:

Normative Ethics, Detailed:



Philosophical Methods / Applied Epistemology:

Applications / Political and Cultural Analysis:

Ayn Rand’s Philosophical Fiction:


Ayn Rand Lexicon (Philosophical terms defined and explained by Ayn Rand and other sources she approved.)

Ayn Rand Institute (The premier organization that teaches Ayn Rand’s philosophy and writes articles applying it, especially for a non-academic audience.)

Check Your Premises (A blog of The Ayn Rand Society, (APA affiliate) where academic philosophers discuss Ayn Rand’s philosophy alongside contemporary academic literature.)

Ayn Rand Institute Campus (Free resource for detailed learning about Objectivism.)

Introduction to Objectivism on YouTube

Ayn Rand Institute eStore (Recorded lectures and other materials on Objectivism and Objectivist approaches to other subjects.)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Ayn Rand (Entry describing Rand’s philosophy.)

Objectivism Online Forum (Discuss philosophy and other topics with self-described Objectivists.)

The Objective Standard (Objectivist periodical.)

Leonard Peikoff Website/Podcast (Philosophy Ph.D. and foremost authority on Objectivism answers questions.)

Objectivist Academic Center (Instruction in the principles and methods of Objectivism and in communication.)

The Ayn Rand Society (Organization affiliated with the American Philosophical Association that fosters scholarly study of Objectivism.)

The Undercurrent (An organization that publishes magazine articles from college students, who are also students of Objectivism. It now also organizes student conferences discussing liberty, Objectivism and activism.)

Objectivist Answers (Philosophical questions answered by self-described Objectivists. Answers are user-moderated, and may or may not agree with Objectivism as defined by Ayn Rand and/or fleshed out by professional Objectivist intellectuals.)

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine (Grass-roots organization advocating for individual rights in medicine.)

Podcasts and Radio Shows

The Yaron Brook Show (Blog talk radio show hosted by the president of the Ayn Rand Institute.)

Don’t Let It Go Unheard (Amy Peilkoff’s blog talk radio show on politics and current events from an Objectivist perspective. The show’s blog is here.)

Leonard Peikoff Website/Podcast (Philosophy Ph.D. and foremost authority on Objectivism answers questions.)

Objectively Speaking (Blog talk radio show that discusses current events and timeless themes related to politics and culture from the perspective of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.)

Eye to Eye (Podcast by the Ayn Rand Institute)

Online Papers


Ayn Rand’s Theory of Concepts: A Brief Overview, by William Thomas (secondary)

Ayn Rand’s Theory of Concepts: Rethinking Abstraction and Essence, by Allan Gotthelf (secondary)

A Role for Abstractionism in a Direct-Realist Foundationalism, by Benjamin Bayer (secondary)

Why Internalists Need an Enriched Theory of Perceptual and Conceptual Awareness
to Escape from Bergmann’s Dilemma, by Benjamin Bayer (secondary)


Metaethical Problems for Ethical Egoism Reconsidered, by Benjamin Bayer (secondary)