Economics – not a branch of philosophy, but a subject whose basic principles are important for understanding the application of Objectivism to a society

Featured Articles

Wealth is Not Money — Monetary Wages vs. Real Wages

Wealth is Created by Action Based on Rational Thought

How Business Executives and Investors Create Wealth and Earn Large Incomes

The Role of Profits in Free-Market Capitalism, and Why High Profits are Good for a Company’s Workers

Why Healthcare in the US is So Expensive, and What Can Be Done About It

Laissez-Faire Capitalism Solves “The Tragedy of the Commons” and Deals With Negative Externalities: A Dialogue

Other Posts

What Caused the Financial Crisis: It Wasn’t Capitalism or Deregulation

Mainstream Radio Talks About Atlas MD

The REAL Fiscal Cliff

The Ayn Rand Institute’s 2015 Summer Conference (OCON) Just Wrapped Up

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