3 thoughts on “Ayn Rand, the Anti-Sociopath

  1. objectivism is a kind of pscho-pathology… what else would you are call a person who is completely and utterly self possesed and self centered.. where they can never do any wrong, and where empathy is never practiced? Objectivism is an excuse to be a pschopath!

    • Empathy is an emotion, so I don’t know what you mean by “not practicing” it. Is your philosophy one in which anger is “never practiced”?

      Emotions as such are morally neutral. Objectivism does not advocate against feeling empathy. It is how one acts that is morally significant, and no particular actions logically follow from empathy, or from any emotion. I may feel empathy for two men dying from kidney failure, but it does not then follow that the correct course of action for me is to donate one of my kidneys to each.

      How do I know what the proper course of action is for me? Reason and an ultimate standard of value; not sheer emotion.

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