See Jordan Peterson Live at OCON 2018 — Yaron Brook Show Announcement


Live Event: Philosophy and the Human Soul

Jordan Peterson will be joining Yaron Brook, Onkar Ghate and Dave Rubin for a conversation at OCON 2018. You can sign up for OCON and see this event in person on Sunday, July 1st, 2018 at the Newport Beach Marriot in Southern California. Scheduled time is 3:30-5:00 pm PDT. Student and young adult discounts are available.

Special event website:

OCON Website:

This event will also be streamed live on The Rubin Report and Jordan Peterson’s YouTube channel.

The Yaron Brook Show:

Making Fun of Keynesian Economics

Keynesian economics is such a bad joke. And to think that the US government and its main regulatory arm, the Federal Reserve, has been mostly guided by this garbage for the last 60 years.

International Liberty

It’s sometimes difficult to make fun of Keynesian economics. But this isn’t because Keynesian theory is airtight.

It’s easy, after all, to mock a school of thought that is predicated on the notion that you can make yourself richer by taking money from your right pocket and putting it in your left pocket.

The problem is that it’s hard to utilize satire when proponents of Keynesian theory say things that are more absurd than anything critics could possibly make up.

Paul Krugman, for example, stated a couple of years ago that it would be good for growth if everyone thought the world was going to be attacked by aliens because that would trigger massive military outlays.

He also asserted recently that a war would be very beneficial to the economy.

Equally bizarre, he really said that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center would “do some economic good” because…

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It Looks Like A Crazy Guy Just Walking Around In The Snow …

Truly stunning! Seems like he must use some kind of pre-programmed GPS guide or something like that.


… Then You Zoom Out And.. Whoa


Simon walks over layers of fresh snow in special shoes to create his mind-boggling art.



” It’s possible you’ve never heard of Simon Beck, but after today, you won’t be able to forget him or his wintry works of art. Simon is an artist and is most well-known for making incredibly delicate and detailed art in the snow, just by walking over a fresh snowfall. He literally walks miles in the snow to create these pieces. And the part that blows our minds? He could spend hours upon hours creating one design, just to have it be covered by snowfall or blown away by the next day. But he still makes them.

  Simon walks over layers of fresh snow in special shoes to create his mind-boggling art.”

That’s Simon above . Doing who-all knows what you say ?

Doing this …

It's just hard to believe that he spends countless hours making these...

Simon’s creations have to be seen to be believed … absolutely stunning .

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